Membership Dues

Membership Dues

My term as President began in February of this year and we hit the ground running. I have been amazed at the work that occurs on a daily basis in our profession that extends well beyond the practice of medicine. From Legislative advocacy to regulatory oversight, the lives and welfare of our patients and the livelihood of our members is being discussed and impacted.

How can each of us remain committed to the profession and our patients? It requires that each of us be involved and dedicated to the investment in our profession and patients. One of the greatest ways to achieve this goal is to support the ASSA. The work that occurs daily as an ASSA Officer is vast and broad. We continue to address all issues that impact OR anesthesia and pain medicine. Only when we have full support from you and your colleagues can we achieve the necessary work. Our mission remains to represent the medical specialty of anesthesiology in Alabama and nationally. This task is intensive and complex, but our resolve and commitment to our patients and to the preservation of the profession is far greater.

We must maintain an active ASSA! This allows us to address boldly those who believe that the way to control costs is by decreasing the role of anesthesiologists. Decreasing our role will not advance quality and patient safety. The safest and most efficient perioperative care is delivered with an anesthesiologist. We work daily to deliver this message to all stakeholders.

Membership dues are $650 (tax deductible) for the 2022-2023 year. To achieve the necessary work we perform daily, and to be able to effectively respond to issues that directly affect our practices, your continued membership is needed.

What is new this year? We are partnering with the American Society of Anesthesiologists to provide a unified dues payment that will make it easier to stay on top of the many necessary professional groups who support anesthesiologists.

Look for the unified dues invoice beginning the first of November! A link will be added for your convenience. Stay tuned.

Kurt Senn, M.D., President, ASSA

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