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The Alabama State Society of Anesthesiologists represents over 400 anesthesiologists in the State of Alabama whose interest is in the safety of our patients who undergo anesthesia, pain management, and critical care under our care daily. Anesthesiologists are the medical doctors who prescribe anesthesia medication and decide an anesthetic plan for your safe and comfortable anesthetic experience.
Thank you for visiting our new website. Since the Alabama State Society of Anesthsiologists' first appeared on the World Wide Web in 2000, we have been looking for a new look and a new feel. This new site should allow us to take our information and society management to a better and more user friendly level. This site will allow us to inform our patients about breaking issues in anesthesia safety and medical issues that will affect their lives. It will allow our member's to become more informed about their society and allow your leadership to address issues and problems in a more rapid manner. You are able to update your personal information and will have a personal user name and password to enter the Members Only area. Please take your time, explore this site.Make recommendations for impovement and submit articles, letters, comments, criticisms, praises, and issues so that we all can work together to promote patient safety and the medical practice of anesthesiology. 
The ASSA continues to set the standard for most dollars contributed to ASAPAC. Not only have we accomplished our original goals, we continue to set higher standards and goals. As we explore the regulatory processes that affect the medical practice of anesthesiology and the legislative and political involvement in the regulatory process, we are finding more opportunities to affect positive changes in medical practice. Your society is in the forefront of involvement with the Medical Association of the State of Alabama and with the American Society of Anesthesiologists. We are proactivelyidentifying problems and addressing them early. We ask you to help us identifyproblems or issues by brining them to our attention. We will remain vigilant and engaged on your behalf. 
Thank you for your support and involvement.
Michael C. Gosney, M.D.
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